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Adi Kailas Yatra

भगवान भोलेनाथ की अद्भुत और अविस्मरणीय अनुभूती
No more walking 180 km. Now the entire travelling by vehicle

Delhi to Delhi: 11 Days: `49,999/- (+GST 5%)
Register now with only `10000/-
Pay balance payment 30 Days before yatra.

Timetable (2022) 2 Batches
1) 12 to 22 June 

Register Online
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Get Yatra Info on your WhatsApp - Send Message "Adi Kailash" on 9657709678

About Adi Kailash

It is a beautiful spiritual adventurous trek yatra. AdiKailash is also known as MulKailash i.e. Original Kailash. There is parvatisarovar. It is believed that AdiKailash is the permanent residence place of Lord Shiva. When Ravana from Sri Lanka came to get blessings and benedictions from Lord Shiva, he did tapas and sadhana in this area. He demanded Lord Shankara to give away Atmalinga which is accepted by Lord Shankara on one condition that he should not keep it on land anywhere while going back to Sri Lanka. On return voyage, Ravana holding the atmalinga in hand could not resist him with natural duties like urination. Lord Ganesh came there in the form of little boy and assured him to hold the atmalinga with condition that he will call for 3 times. But if Ravana did not return, he will keep it on land. Ravana accepted the condition. But then Lord Ganesh called for 3 times and then put down the atmalinga on land. This place is now known as KailashMansarovar at Tibet China. So original Kailash is AdiKailash.

Om Parvat i.e. mountain which has ice on it looking like Om symbol is near to AdiKailash. It is a divine and outstanding exceptional scenario. 

AdiKailash is located in Uttarakhand State and duration of AdiKailashYatra is 16 Days from Delhi to Delhi.  


1) The journey to Adi Kailas by direct vehicle. It will save walking of 180 kms. 

2) Experienced organizers and Sherpas

3) ॐ Parvat, Patal Bhubaneswar, Jageshwar, Advaita Ashram Almoda, Neem Karola with Baba Ashram

4) Equipped medical kits, oxygen cylinders and emergency arrangements

Yatra Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at Delhi - Stay

Day 02: Delhi to Kathgodam (Bus) - Stay

Day 03: Kathgodam to Pithorgad (Bus) Stay

Day 04: Pithorgad to Dharchula - Stay

Day 05 : Dharchula to Gunji (Jeep) - Stay

Day 06: Gunji to Navidhang - Omparvat (Jeep) - back to Gunji - Stay

Day 07: Gunji to Joling Kong - Adi Kailas (Jeep) - (Stay at Joling Kong or Gunji)

Day 08: Gunji to Dharchula (Jeep) - Stay 

Day 09: Dharchula to Patal Bhuvaneshwar to Dhalichina (Jeep) - Stay

Day 10: Dhalichina to Kathgodam (Jeep) - Stay

Day 11: Kathgodam to Delhi - by 3pm End of Yatra (Only Stay available if needed in Delhi.)

How to Register? 

Before filling the online application:

Read the Detail Information and Conditions for Yatra.

Click here to download the detail information and Forms.

Keep the following mandatory items ready before registering Online:


1. Scanned Copy Of Passport Size Photo

2. Scanned Copy of Address Proof: Adhar  or PAN Card

3. Details of Next Kin (Name, Address, Phone)


To download and print the registration form - Click here

After filling the Registration Form you have to transfer the amount to the following bank account by depositing cash cheque/ online NEFT or you can Pay Online by Debit/ Credit Card/ Net banking.

Register Online Now

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