Shrikhand Mahadev Kailas Yatra

The third Kailas from Panch Kailas

Delhi to Delhi: 12 Days: `39,000/- (+GST 5%)

Register with only `10000/-

Timetable (2020)

Two Batches

1) 29 June to 10 July 2020  2) 30 August to 10 September 2020

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About Shrikhand Kailash

Shrikhand Kailash is the third Kailash of PanchKailash i.e. Five Kailashas. Shri is the meaning of mountain and Khand means broken thus Shrikhand means broken mountain. When demon Bhasmasur started chasing lord Shankara, he came to this place and then entered into the dense mountain range. Bhasmasurwas searching him everywhere but could not found him. Then Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Mohini and met demon Bhasmasur. Bhasmasur became mad when he saw Mohini. He became slave of Mohini and started dancing with her. In the dancing mode, Mohini put her hand on her head which is repeated by Bhasmasur and he immediately got burnt.  This story happened near ShrikhandKailash. After the death of Bhasmasur, Lord Shankara did not come out of the mountain range. So all gods, Lord Ganesh, Kartikeya, Nandi came to this mountain range and requested Lord Shankara to manifest. But he did not come out. Mother Parwati came here and started weeping. But in vain. The Lake Nain Sarovar is full of tears of mother Parvati. At last, Lord Shankara came out of Mountain. But the mountain got broken when he came out. Therefore it is known as ShrikhandKailash.   

ShrikhandKailash is located at Himachal Pradesh state near Shimla and duration of ShrikhandYatra is 12 Days from Delhi to Delhi.  

How to Register? 

Before filling the online application:

Read the Detail Information and Conditions for Yatra.

Click here to download the detail information and Forms.

Keep the following mandatory items ready before registering Online:


1. Scanned Copy Of Passport Size Photo

2. Scanned Copy of Address Proof: Adhar  or PAN Card

3. Details of Next Kin (Name, Address, Phone)


To download and print the registration form - Click here

After filling the Registration Form you have to transfer the amount to the following bank account by depositing cash cheque/ online NEFT or you can Pay Online by Debit/ Credit Card/ Net banking.

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