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Swargarohini Yatra

From where Pandavas went to Swarga 

Badrinath to Badrinath: 7 Days: 33000/-
Haridwar to Haridwar: 10 Days: 40000/-
Register with only 10000/-

5% GST


Timetable (2022) 
Badrinath to Badrinath: 
1) 14 TO 20  August 
Haridwar to Haridwar: 
1) 12 to 21 August

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About Swargarohini

      Swargarohini is located at around 40 kilometers behind the Badrinath Temple. It is believed that, after the Mahabharata war was over and Lord Shri Krishna had attained his divine abode, it was by this way that the Pandavas ascended to heaven. On the way, Draupadi was the first to collapse. Then Sahadev, Nakul, Arjun and Bheem followed one by one. In the end, Lord Indra, the King of Gods and Yama, the Lord of Death took Yudhishthir into paradise in his mortal form. There is also a story in the Ramayana. Ravan, who had become very arrogant due to the boons he had received from Lord Shiva, was undefeated in the whole universe. Humans and Asurs ( Rakshasas ) resided on Earth while Gods lived in Heaven (Swarg). To overcome this discrimination, Ravan built a bridge to join the two worlds, Heaven and Earth. This bridge was later destroyed by Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the 14 steps of this bridge are still intact. The place where Ravan built the bridge is the place known as Swargarohini.


          The region farther north of Badrinath is known as Badrikashram. This region is revered as being a sacred, blessed land. It is believed that Shree Dattatray, Lord Krishna’s brother Uddhav, Lord Parshuram, Lord Hanuman, and Rishi- Munis and God’s avatars known-unknown reside and roam this holy land. This region is so holy that they say chanting God’s name just once here is equal to chanting it a lakh times in any other place on earth. Chanting God’s name once at the place where Draupadi finally lay to rest is equal to ten lakh chants. At Sahdev’s resting place, it’s worth a crore of chants, at that of Nakul its like ten crore chants, hundred crores at Arjun’s resting place and at the place where Bheem lay to rest, one chant is worth a thousand crore chants anywhere else on earth. Such is the divinity and purity of this land… But to measure the worth of chanting God’s name at Swargarohini, is absolutely impossible.


         It is in this holy land, at a place called Gauri-Shankar, that Mahavatar Babaji’s ashram is located. Along with the spiritual ambiance of the region, its picturesque natural beauty, its varied flora and fauna, and the breath-taking view of the mighty Himalayas make Swargarohini a perfect destination for all. The grandeur of the Himalayas, the snow-capped mountain peaks, glaciers, beautiful plants and trees, frozen rivers and the lakes all make Swargarohini truly heavenly. During the Swargarohini expedition, one gets a glimpse of all these wonderful aspects unique to the Himalayas: glaciers and frozen rivers, greenery with rare Himalayan herbs, cliffs and caves, rivers, waterfalls, forests, etc. Badrinath is located at an altitude of 10000 feet and on the way one passes through places such as Managaon, Laxmiban, Base of Neelkanth, Chakrateerth, Satya Path, Sahasradhara and so on. Near Managaon are located Ganesh Gunfa and the cave of King Muchukund.


       On the Swargarohini track, one comes across the Nar-Narayan peak, Neelkanth Parvat, and Balkum Parvat. One can also get a glimpse of the snowcapped peaks of Kuber parvat, Chaukhamba parvat and Swargarohini. The glaciers Satya Path, Alkapuri, Dhano and Vasudhara are also located on this track. The rivers Alaknanda and Saraswati can be seen. The waterfalls Sahasradhara and Vasudhara and the Laxmiban forest are also among the many attractions of this path. Swargarohini separates Bhagirathi from Yamuna.

How to Register? 

Before filling the online application:

Read the Detail Information and Conditions for Yatra.

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You can Register Online or Print Form, fill and send us on our Address.

Keep the following mandatory items ready before registering Online:


1. Scanned Copy Of Passport Size Photo

2. Scanned Copy of Address Proof: Adhar  or PAN Card

3. Details of Next Kin (Name, Address, Phone)


To download and print the registration form - Click here

After filling the Registration Form the applicant has to transfer the amount to the following bank account by depositing cash cheque/ online NEFT or he/she can Pay Online by Debit/ Credit Card/ Net banking.

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