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Humble request : How can you participate?

" Kardalivan: A Spiritual Divinity "

    Through the book ‘Kardalivan: A Spiritual Divinity’ inform as many people as possible, state wise, nation wise and internationally, all Datta and Swami Devotees to become member of Kardalivan Seva Sangha and give their help and support.

    Inform your family, relatives, colleagues, friends, Datta and Swami Devotees, temples, monasteries, saints, authors, artists, distinguished persons about the book, Kardalivan and Panch Parikrama of Kardalivan.

Request them to contribute Rs.1111/- and become member of Kardalivan Seva Parivar.

This book is already published in Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, languages. Inform your colleagues and friends who speak these languages.

Inform your name, mobile no., email ID on +91-9657709678/9371102439 by SMS or inform on We will send SMS and email about our activites. You can forward it to the concerned people.

Visit and enlist.

Join our facebook account and share the information of Kardalivan and the book.

Send a copy of this book to your relatives who are abroad.

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