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Kardaliwan: A Spiritual divinity

Holy secret Place of Lord Dattatreya and Sacred Incarnation Place of Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot.

A Book that every Datta Devotee and Swami Devotee must Have.

Total Guidance: How to reach Kardaliwan, Kardaliwan Parikrama, History. A research book with scientific and modern methodology. 

Price: 300/- Discount Price: 200/- Order Online :

Shri Datt Parikrama (Marathi)

  • Detail information of all Datta Places in India.

  • A Parikrama that joins 24 Datta Places Maharashtra, Gujrat, Karnataka and Andhrapradesh.

  • Information about Datta Sampradaya, Dattatreya Gurus, Mahatmya.

Price: 300/- Discount Price: 200/- Order Online :

Kardaliwan Sanjivani (Marathi)

  • Experiences of people who have done Kardaliwan Parikrama.

  • Very personal and spiritual experiences which will make change in Reader's life.

Price: 300/- Discount Price: 200/- Order Online :

Uttaravahini Narmada Parikrama (Marathi)

  • A first step to complete Narmada Parikrama

  • As divine as Complete Narmada parikrama, who are not able to do the complete Parikrma.

  • Divine and Holy experience with Narmada Mata.

Price: 200/- Discount Price: 150/- Order Online :

Kardaliwan Parikrama Video documentary

  • Watch live Kardaliwan Parikrama in your home.

Price: 60/-  Running Time: 1:15 Hrs 

You can order these books by depositing amount in our Bank account. Please deposit the amount for book in account number given below and inform us your address on 9371102439 or email us on swami (Rs. 50/- Courier charge for each Book.) You can also purchase books directly from our Office. 

Account Name: Kardaliwan Seva Sangh

Current Account No.: 60108955634

Branch: Deccan gymkhana, Pune

IFS Code: MAHB0000003

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