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      Shree Swami Samarth of Akkalkot appeared at Kardalivan. The story in ‘Guru Charitra’ appears---- In the 13th century Shree Narasimha Sarswati travelled in a cane boat to Kardalivan near Sri Shailya. He meditated under Mandar tree where an anthill was built around him. 350 years passed. One day when a woodcutter was cutting wood, he missed a shot and due to the force of axe his meditation broke and he appeared through the anthill.

      River Krishna flows for 200 km. as Patal Ganga River near Sri Sailya jyotirlinga. This whole area is encircled with deep jungle and many obstacles. Now roads to other pilgrimages are not difficult, so whenever we wish we can visit them. But we cannot go to Kardalivan without the wish of Avadhoot and Shree Swami. In India every year, out of one million one person visits ‘Kashi Rameshwar’; one person out of 10 lakh goes to ‘Badrinath-Kedarnath’; one person out of 25 lakhs goes for Narmada Parikrama; one person out of 50 lakhs goes to ‘Mansarovar Pilgrimage’. But one fortunate person out of crores goes to Kardalivan.

      Hence very few know about Kardalivan. Kardalivan is a meditating pilgrimage place for ‘Nath sect’ saints, religious philosophers like Nagarjun, etc. who had developed a method of producing gold from any original chemical. At Kardalivan a person attains strange experiences of Omnipotent. From 2009 the devotees are aware of Kardalivan. Those who completed Kardalivan Panch Parikrama have felt fantastic experience in their family, personal and religious life. Many of them felt, that they were in contact with Shree Datta and Shree Swami and their blessings are with them. The surprising puzzle is that nobody was aware of this place for many years.

       There are no proper comforts at Kardalivan. There is no proper arrangement at the monument of Shree Narsimha Sarswati and Shree Swami Samarth. There are no rules, regulations or proper place for rituals. The readers, devotees and the local governance people, after completing Kardalivan Panch Parikrama came together to form Kardalivan Seva Sangha Trust. It is now formally registered and the regd. No. is E-6587. To make more and more people aware of Kardalivan and to increase the number of people, Kardalivan’s Seva Sangha Trust is established. Kardalivan Seva Sangha Trust has made proper arrangement for the comfort of people, regular worships and rituals. Everybody who works here feel that it is their duty towards Shree Datta and Shree Swami Samarth. Great saints have given their blessings for the pious work.

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